IMF Asia-Pacific department vice- director:“ China is global trade recovery important contributor”

recently,IMF release most new one issue《 world economy […]

Korean income add spur domestic demand obvious extend

according to recently South Korea bank( central bank) p […]

EU economy possible welcome powerful rebound

COVID-19 epidemic give Europe economy and society leave […]

WTO proceed eight time contrapose China trade policy consideration

according to Russiasputniknews report,WTO proceed eight […]

customs office: South Korea 2021 year import and export trade volume break 1 trillion dollar

according to South Korea Industry trade resource depart […]

WBG forecast2020 year global economy increase rate for minus5.2%

WBG release most new global economy outlook report, wil […]

2021 year South Korea economy will powerful rebound

according to South Korea government concerned forecast, […]

EU expect2020 year economy shrink range over before expect

EU committee Tuesday express, eurozone this year econom […]

global economy face from second time world war since most bad crisis

Japan foreign minister4 month20 express, by Novel Coron […]

Asian Development Bank(ADB) down Asia-Pacific2021 yearGDP increase rate

Asian Development Bank(ADB)( headquarters locate Manila […]