IMF Asia-Pacific department vice- director:“ China is global trade recovery important contributor”

recently,IMF release most new one issue《 world economy outlook report》, think global economy hopeful last recovery but develop slow, China economy increase will continue keep powerful。IMF Asia-Pacific department vice- director Interview express, China at world economy status gradual increase,“ China economic development  spur global increase”。

according to China customs head office release most new data discover, this year before three quarter, China foreign trade import and export continue keep fast increase, goods trade import and export gross value 28.33 trillion RMB, than last year Contemporaneous increase 22.7%, import and export、 export and import international market share have promote。 China continue keep goods trade first country status。

“ China is global trade recovery important contributor。” he express, China import and export performance good, China trade quick increase promote global produce intense effect。 he expect China last urge reform open, promote economy towards sustainable direction develop, continue for global economy increase make contribution。

China announce contest at 2030 year before achieve carbon peak、2060 year before achieve carbon neutralization。 he think, China at reply climate change aspect develop important function, the whole nation carbon emission deal market already start-up online transaction, beginning good。 China continue urge high quality develop, urge economy from investment dominant type turn expense dominant type, and support service industry and high-tech craft develop, these all benefit drop carbon emission。

IMF at《 Asia-Pacific economy outlook report》 point out, China develop number currency experience can for consider publish central bank number currency country provide useful borrow。 he express, China at central bank number currency research and development aspect contribution large。 number RMB already at some city and area proceed trial。 he think, number RMB have promote inclusive finance develop and advance pay efficiency potential, can extend pay service cover rate、 drop family and small corporation deal cost、 have contrapose sex land provide finance support、 advance public finance transparent degree etc.。

he express, China and America keep smooth trade relation benefit world。 he stress, China and America not only is large economy, still global provide chain main hinge。 China and America hand in hand cooperate benefit international society common reply COVID-19 epidemic、 climate change etc. urgent challenge。

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