grasp attract investment new tendency push district coordinate develop

this year1 month to9 month, the whole nation actual use foreign capital have 859510 million, year-on-year increase 19.6%。 according to present speed tendency, this year China absorb foreign capital scale hopeful break 1 trillion。 but from district coordinate develop angle, China thing department area attract foreign capital also exist gap, especially is this year before three quarter, China east、 central 、 west area actual use foreign capital respective increase 19.8%、29% and 4.1%, west area attract investment also need strengthen。

about west area, only grasp new tendency, attract investment talent have more big break。 China right foreign capital attractive still without drop。 pass epidemic spread, transnational company know to need structure toughness provide chain, and more pay attention to native develop。 China at epidemic during performance calm, behalf global provide chain、 Industry chain stable and unblocked, last reflect China combine world factory and world market advantage, this give transnational company leave profound impression。 especially is China pose promote common prosperity grand target, about transnational company, demonstrate China market expense potential will get last release, need grasp China market develop prospect。 specific have following several tendency need west area attention:

tendency one is transnational corporation investment to at from coastal area to inland stretch。 central area attract foreign capital last increase namely prove。 one side is policy guide、 business environment optimization result, on the other hand also is east coastal area attract investment model happen change。 along with east coastal area industry use land progressively intense, east coastal area attract investment emphasis also from labor force intensive manufacturing industry turn technology、 capital intensive high added value manufacturing industry and service industry, pass talent attract investment、 pass wisdom attract investment、 pass capital attract investment gradual become trend, for inland area transfer foreign capital Industry create condition。

tendency two is China import foreign capital emphasis already not only is developed country, while is face global all countries, include right developing country comprehensive open。 among“ One belt, one road” along the line country、 area corporation come China investment progressively increase。2019 year,“ One belt, one road” along the line country、 area at China investment increase 33.6%; this year before three quarter this number increase to 31.9%。 at some west province reflect more obvious, for example, this year before9 month,“ One belt, one road” along the line country、 area rightShanxi actual investment year-on-year increase high 75.85%。

tendency three is along with China traffic logistics etc. base facility progressively perfect, corporation transport etc. cost progressively decline, this cause Industry set group effect possible weaken。 meanwhile, corporation approach expense market produce habit also will change, corporation will integrate consider manpower、 land、 capital、 technology etc. element cost, contrapose investment target individualization demand also progressively increase。

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