Brazil labor force market recovery slow about 16 million family without work income

according to South American Overseas Chinese News report,Ipea recently publish research data show, Brazil without work income family amount add。 at 72 million Brazil family among, about 16 million family without work income。

Ipea say:“ unemployment rate high show, Brazil labor force market recovery still slow。 Brazil low qualifications crowd suffer affect much big, this also cause without work income or work income much low的 Brazil family amount appear rise。”

according toIBGE publishPNAD data discover, at 2017 year fourth quarter,21.5% Brazil people without any work income, over2013 year 18.6%,2018 year last, Brazil without income crowd scale promote to 22.2%。

“ some family possible also have pension or social security project provided capital, but they without work income。”Ipea researcher say。 she express,2013 year-end, Brazil low income family scale for 27.5%, however to 2017 and 2018 year, this scale advance to 29.8% and 30.1%。

research personnel point out, Brazil about have 12700000 unemployed。 among, young people by unemployment affect maximum。 research show, recent session, Brazil unemployment rate increase main reason is by education degree lower worker amount increase, while have high school or above qualifications young people at seek new market location aspect more succeed。

besides, the research also show, at 2014 year fourth quarter, Brazil gini coefficient for 0.514, to 2018 year fourth quarter, the numerical value already increase for 0.533。 gini coefficient is measure a country unequal degree target, numerical value big, unequal degree high。

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