Korean income add spur domestic demand obvious extend

according to recently South Korea bank( central bank) publish data,2018 year Korean actual income increase, domestic demand also follow extend。 South Korea economy vice- premier think, South Korea domestic demand first appear enormously increase, this is active signal。

data discover, last year South Korea domestic demand increase 2.8%, is 2012 year since supreme level。 Korean income increase spur domestic demand extend。

cut-off 2017 year three quarter, Korean actual income once series two year minus increase。 last year before 3 quarter, Korean actual income year-on-year rise 2.4%-3%。 Korean purchasing power from decline to rise convert direct spur domestic demand extend。

next, last year South Korea foreign visitor add, South Korea duty-free store sales volume year-on-year increase 31.5%, meanwhile also pull动 South Korea domestic demand。 third, home electric、 auto sales volume appear enormously increase。 before, South Korea home electric and auto domestic sales volume once at one segment period be in low increase state, last year new household appliances listed、 individual auto expense tax and fuel tax drop, push home electric sales volume year-on-year increase 14.1%, auto sales volume year-on-year increase 7.9%。

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