minor enterprises digitization need build ecological conception

10 month18, CPC Central Committee politics station about push China number economy health develop proceed thirtieth four time collective learn。 this time collective learn,XI Jingping secretary-general at refer push number economy and the real economy fuse develop point out, need push internet、 large data、 artificial intelligence same Industry depth fuse, speed cultivate a batch innovate corporation and manufacturing industry individual champion corporation。 minor enterprises digitization transformation at China economy high quality develop during status much important, speed minor enterprises digitization transformation much urgent。

well-known, minor enterprises as amount maximum、 most energy corporation group, is China the real economy important base。 according to fourth time the whole nation economy general survey data discover, minor enterprises have“ five six seven eight nine” typical features, minor enterprises contribution China over50% revenue、 over60%GDP、 over70% technology innovate、 over80% town labour obtain employment、 over90% corporation amount。 but pass data analysis, according to concerned organization research calculate, China corporation digitization transformation scale about for 25%, below Europe 46% and America 54%。 these data one side demonstrate minor enterprises is manufacturing industry digitization transformation main battlefield, is the real economy develop main force, on the other hand prominent minor enterprises be in digitization transformation dilemma。

although theoretical realm always at stress at current domestic international situation proceed digitization transformation emphasis, last issue similar language“ digitization transformation already isn t choice question, while is about exist and long far develop required course。” but minor enterprises refer digitization transformation, normality namely“ unable transformation、不 can transformation、 fear transformation”。 analysis reason have following several aspect, lack talents、 lack technology、 lack capital、 lack service etc.。 even have some corporation step on transformation road, still be in difficult stage。 relevant data discover,89% minor enterprises be in digitization transformation explore stage;8% minor enterprises be in digitization transformation carry out stage; only3% minor enterprises be in digitization transformation depth apply stage。

about such situation, break way namely minor enterprises need build ecological conception 念, firmly grasp number economy age theme is open cooperate root, will own situation put at include government、 large enterprises、 minor enterprises、 consumer( user) etc. compose ecological system among observe, so that seek own digitization transformation programme。

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