WTO proceed eight time contrapose China trade policy consideration

according to Russiasputniknews report,WTO proceed eight time contrapose China trade policy consideration, China business department minister10 month20 pass video way attend and make main speak。

according to China business department net station news, trade policy consideration is WTO function, China every three year accept once consideration。 WTO eight time right China trade policy consideration duration2 day, WTO member height focus on,50 member at first conference speak。
business department minister say, last time consideration since, China unshakable deepen the reform、 extend open, and other WTO member together, common push economy globalization。 current, China to foothold new develop stage, implement new develop idea, structure new develop pattern, push high quality develop。 China will overall practicable chairman pose“ global develop initiative”, push achieve more strengthen、 green、 health global develop。

business department minister stress, this year is China plus入 WTO 20 anniversary。 China achieve economy society great-leap forward develop。 China pursue mutual benefit and win-win open strategy, Chinese develop for world provide large chance, also for world economy increase make highlight contribution。

business department minister express, China pass actual action full support international resist epidemic cooperate, and WTO member deepen communication and cooperate, effort unblocked Industry chain provide chain, carry out vaccines“ global public product” promise, push structure human hygiene health community。 China support COVID-19 vaccines knowledge property rights exemption, also support WTO as soon as possible make decide。

business department minister point out, China firm support around WTO for core multilateral trade system, active participate WTO reform, sincere help other developing member especially is most underdeveloped countries participate and benefit。 China appeal each member common against unilateralism and protectionism, carry out real multilateralism, against discriminatory、 exclusion standard、 rule、 system, against separate trade、 investment、 technology high wall barrier。 China expect WTO12 session ministerial meeting acquire active achievements。

vice- minister and international trade negotiate vice- represent at conference among introduce last time consideration since China economy and trade policy develop and participate WTO work concerned situation。 domestic multiple department represent join consideration。 China permanent WTO represent ambassador at Geneva join conference。

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