WBG forecast2020 year global economy increase rate for minus5.2%

WBG release most new global economy outlook report, will2020 year global actual increase rate down to-5.2%。 as Novel Coronavirus infect disease cause economy activity stagnate, compare1 month forecast enormously down7.7 percentage point。 Japan increase rate also down 6.8 percentage point, expect will deteriorate to-6.1%, over 2009 year minus5.4%。

developed country and emerging market country etc. all area all present decline state, WBG performance intense crisis sense say, global economy“ face World War II since most bad economy recession”。

expect 2021 year will recover increase to 4.2%, but premise is Novel Coronavirus epidemic negative affect at this year second half to stable。 WBG say2020 year“ uncertainty much high, think exist overwhelming downside risk“, hint have possible again down data。 also pessimistic estimate say, if chaos long-term last, will decline to minus8%。

Japan because government release urgent situation declaration, people avoid go out etc. cause economy activity atrophy。 Tokyo the Olympic Games delay etc. also become suppress economic element。 at Japan government economy policy and Japan central bank currency loose policy support,2021 year will recover to increase2.5%。

America is global infect number of people most country,2020 year increase rate decline to minus6.1%, epidemic bad eurozone also deteriorate to minus9.1%。 China because international market demand weak only increase1%, emerging market country and developing country also decline to minus2.5%, this is since1961 year since first time minus increase。2020 year global trade increase rate also for minus13.4%, opposition last time expect down15.3 percentage point。

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